Wireless Wi-Max

Switch to the broadband wireless technology WiMAX and just like the cell phone has displaced land lines for good, it also has huge potential to become a frontrunner in the coming future for facilitating easy communication at affordable pricings. Silver Pearl is one of the leading WiMAX solution providers in Kuwait region. We being in the business of providing affordable VOIP solutions offer a range of products in the wireless category and WiMAX is one among them which is gaining popularity day by day.
Our WiMAX service in the Kuwait region is actually the best solution for ensuring seamless communication for a business environment in the recent times. An abbreviation for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, WiMAX Technology solutions are now hugely popular within small and medium size enterprises. The best part is that distance is not a factor to be taken into consideration.

Why to go for WiMAX?

It is best to understand the reasons for which one should opt for WiMax and among these, some of the major ones that deserve a mention are the following ones.
  • Get a wide coverage area as range of WiMAX goes up to 3-5 miles in contrast to a significant small coverage area by a Wi Fi network.
  • Lower cost means increased return on investment as more people can be connected to a network.
  • High downloading speed and inability to offer multiple access points for its users.
  • Offers a great potential to align itself to offer future generation services like IPTV.
  • Does not get affected by adverse weather conditions which mean quality is never compromised.
One thing is clear that WiMAX has a wider scope in future and it is always better to switch to a technology which is going to be a popular one. Being one of the most reputed WiMAX service providers, Silver Pearl also offer valuable WiMAX configuration as well as its deployment. With no need of any physical form of transmission line i.e. copper or fiber lines, it is relatively easy to deploy a WiMAX technology in a dense metropolitan area.
We also offer other services that facilitate a smooth communication flow like Voice broadcasting, Video telephony, Web conferencing and a host of VOIP solutions. We boast of an excellent infrastructure and trained team of professionals who are committed to deliver you the best of services as per the requirement of your business.