Web Conference

Now enjoy scalable web conferencing solutions from the house of Silver Pearl, a Kuwait based VOIP company who is catering to its huge clientele diligently since years. Our clientele includes consumers, small businesses, organizations, etc. We know the value of real-time collaboration in today’s world in all the spheres of life and hence, we have committed ourselves to offer the best web conferencing services at the most reasonable rates including monthly fees as per the requirement of our esteemed clients.
We offer the best web conference software for Linux, Mac OS X and windows web conferencing. Our clients vouch for our excellent Online Meeting Services that prove genuinely useful in an enterprise environment. Our web conferencing services have proved helpful for many small enterprises to cut their travel cost and to experience a smooth flow of communication which is mandatory to conduct day to day affairs in a business environment without any confusion. Even if you are on Linux, no need to worry as although your choices are limited but we offer Linux web conferencing services.

Application of Web Conferencing Solutions

Web conferencing is a modern technology that finds its applications in conducting business meetings, seminars, presentations, online learning, customer support, live demo of a product and other myriad of arenas. High speed internet is one of the essential requisite for implementing web conferencing which is now readily available by businesses or all sizes and types across the world. Online learning has benefitted tremendously with quality video conferencing services over the years and is still going strong across the globe.

Know the Advantages of Web Conferencing

There is not a single but multitude of advantages that web conferencing services offer and some of these are including but not limited to the following ones.
  • Enable recording of your business meetings which can be kept safe in your database for future reference by you or your employees anytime.
  • Can provide instant feedback from employees or customers by an online survey.
  • Enable imparting training to hundreds of new employees at the same time without any stress.
  • Effective brainstorming is possible now without cramming all managers in a single room.
  • Company’s reach can be increased amazingly as in web conferencing, the communication tools are chat, telephone, etc. easily accessible to all.
In case, your business demands any other solution, we have great many offerings like Click2call, Voice logger, Voice message broadcasting, Web casting and many more in our kitty!