Web Casting

In an internet era, broadcasting an event is easier than before. Thanks to web casting, now rather than using satellites, businesses can reach to a larger audience in an affordable manner. Imagine for all your key events, meetings, etc., you don’t need to spend a huge chunk to reach to your target audience! What can be more cost effective than live streaming your message in real time with the help of internet?
Silver Pearl being a reputed VOIP solution provider company in Kuwait has acknowledged the potential of web casting software in the near future to alter the landscape of broadcasting and thus offers remarkable web casting services to its wide client base that extends to other neighboring countries too! Our services include both live streaming and video-on-demand to cater to the needs of every business type efficiently.

Know the Benefits of Web Casting Services

Web casting offers a considerable number of benefits which are discussed below in brief.
  • Offer affordable instant communication to a vast audience
  • Easy access to internet ensures a readymade delivery network at place
  • Reduce operational costs as there is no usage of satellites or business TV technology
  • Facilitates multi-tasking i.e. a viewer can watch live streaming as well as can answer mails too simultaneously
  • Reduces the carbon foot print significantly as there is no need for the employees to travel by train, flight or any other transport mode to attend a seminar, meeting or conference.

Where Web Casting Finds its Application?

We offer a variety of reliable Web Casting Solutions that find wide application in the following sectors.
  • Corporate sector
  • Educational institutions
  • Government organizations
Apart from these, nowadays high-tech marriages are also using Live Streaming Services to stream wedding rituals over the internet for the sake of live viewing. This trend is however largely restricted now to people who love to have marriages in an unusual way like under water or in a hot air balloon, etc.
In the education sector, our Live Streaming Solutions have found wide application for successful delivery of web lectures by the prominent educational institutions.
We also excel in offering voice broadcasting, web conference, voice telephony services that can help your business to communicate with your employees, stakeholders, customers as well as partners in an efficient and timely manner. To know more about web casting services, you can just give us a call at (+965) 94069744 anytime as per your convenience.