VoIP Solutions

VoIP also known as internet telephony is a technology that remarkably improves the way we can communicate in a business environment. The best part of a VoIP system is that need of internet is not mandatory here, but instead it uses the same internet protocols to facilitate transmission of voice over a network. Silver Pearl being one of the most reputed VoIP service providers in Kuwait offer an array of VoIP services for its esteemed clients that exist worldwide. We possess the expertise to deliver excellent and cost-effective VoIP system for home as per the specific client needs.

A glance at our VoIP Services

We understand that different businesses may have diverse needs and hence have a diverse kind of solutions listed below in brief.
  • Asterisk – If you want a VoIP solution without indulging in any additional hardware expenditure, the best option is to go for this open sourced VoIP as it also allows services pertaining to voicemail with the following ones.
    • Directory
    • Call Conferencing
    • Interactive Voice Response
    • Call Queuing
  • Vicidial /GoAutoDial – We have expertise in offering you the popular software suite Vicidial as well as the web based call center system – GoAutoDial to let you enjoy a complete communication solution, both inbound and outbound in a hassle-free manner.
  • Kamailio – If you long for an improved and more secured VoIP solution, go for the renowned open source SIP server Kamailio that boasts of the following impressive features.
    • Asynchronous processing
    • Accounting
    • Easy monitoring
    • Scalable
    • Secure
  • FreePBX – The most widely used web-based VoIP Service is recommended highly to efficiently controlling and managing your Asterisk VoIP system.
  • A2Billing – A2Billing software is free and is a complete telecom solution for any company as well as home because of its stunning features some of which are listed below.
    • Customer management
    • Options of VoIP devices
    • Calling card
    • Calling back
    • Reporting traffic
    • DID delivery
    • Billing invoicing

How our VoIP solutions can help you?

Our solutions can be of great help for improving communication within a home or business environment by myriad of ways.
  • Decreased cost of communication – By installing a Business VoIP, there are more savings by having significant decrease in cost incurred in communication with your partners as well as employees as this enable you to get integrate various software and hardware in a seamless manner that drastically reduces your dependency on traditional phone calls.
  • Increase in overall productivity – Multi-tasking is facilitated by internet telephony and businesses are well aware of this fact as people can now share data and information quickly by video conferencing, instant messaging, etc.
  • Allows mobile portability – It should also be noted that VoIP system also encourages better communication with employees as it allows mobile portability means same number can be used anywhere without any need of a dedicated line. Just high speed internet connection is essential to make all employees accessible 24 x 7 in a cost effective manner anywhere.
You can opt for VoIP system comparison before zeroing on any particular VoIP software as per your needs. To know more contact us today at 0000000.