Voice Logger

Retrieval of vital information passed over a telephonic conversation sometimes becomes a necessity and hard to ignore as there is a myriad of information exchanged during such conversation in a typical business environment and Voice Logger telephone recording system does the same effortlessly.
Silver Pearl as a VOIP solution provider in the region of Kuwait offers impeccable Voice Recording Solution as we are also a reputed Voice Logger Manufacturers as well as Voice Logger Exporters. We also offer multiple models of Xtend Voice Logger as we believe that it is the best tool for a seamless recording across any type of device, be it a telephone line or a computer system.

Advantages of a voice logger device

There are in fact a host of benefits that one can enjoy from such a device. Some of these are mentioned below.
  • Better customer satisfaction as there remains no scope of forgetting any customer request or order due to any human error
  • Easy to handle troublemakers as with all calls get recorded, they can’t denied if have placed a specific order or a service at a particular price or quote
  • Performance enhancement as with every call get recoded, employees will perform minimum errors while handling clients over a communication channel
  • Easy settlement of disputed between client and the company or customer as recorded calls are seen as a strong evidence in court

A glance at our voice logging solutions

We believe in continual practice of voice logger development and offer a range of solutions to our wide clientele to suit their diverse needs. Some of these are including, but not limited to the voice logger device for the following ones.
  • Personal Computer
  • Standalone phone
  • Walky Phone
  • Voicemail
  • Mobile
Here, it should be noted that our Xtend Voice Logger is also an excellent PRI Voice Logger and serves as an USB Logger to easily install over a personal computer or a laptop. We are also into the business of offering other popular VOIP solutions like A2Billing, Asterisk, FreePBX, Kamilio, etc.
We have a team of competent professionals who possess a profound knowledge in Voice logging and offer excellent services that prove immensely useful for companies of all kinds like call centers, security services, SME companies, enquiry office, tour and transport operators, etc. To get a quote for our Voice Logger Price, you can call us at +965- 94069744 anytime as we are ready to serve you always.