Voice Broadcasting

In an age of rapid information exchange, sending SMS appears to be the most convenient solution, but voice broadcasting appears to be the best solution indeed as the advantages of investing in a voice broadcasting software are too many and can’t be overlooked. Silver Pearl is a VOIP solution provider company that has its services to a wide clientele in Kuwait and neighboring countries.
We offer excellent voice broadcasting system based on the particular needs of our esteemed clients. Our voice broadcasting service is extremely popular among real estate agents, non-profit organizations, marketing and insurance companies and in the hospitality sector. We are also a partner of the popular white label voice broadcast program and have gained considerable trust among our clients within a relatively short timeline.

Know the prime features and application of a Voice Broadcast System

There are a number of exciting features that a Voice Broadcast System offers and they can be summarized as the following one.
  • Personalization of message – This is a great feature very much facilitating for the companies dealing with customers on a daily basis and need to drop a thanks note or for initiating a successful sales campaign. Many NGOs make it a point to use personalized Automated Voice Message to say a thank you to their donor and certainly it makes a positive impression on others.
  • Generate reports in real-time – This comes as a great boon in saving time and leaving any room for error in communication. This also leads to enhanced company productivity. Graphs are also generated to access the effectiveness of your voice message campaign.
  • omplete control to schedule – Controlling schedule of voice message broadcasting including its frequency comes handy in delivering the message during a political or community crisis. This also serves useful during making millions of calls at a time of natural calamity.
Apart from the above mentioned ones, there are also some other superb features that are used by the companies frequently to remind their customers about an appointment, important deliveries, for rescheduling a program, to keep customers informed of latest promotions and for fundraising. All this comes at an affordable voice message broadcasting pricing as we have the most competitive rates in the industry.
Lastly, you can just drop a mail at burhan@silver-pearl.com to avail our voice broadcasting services anytime as we are committed to serve you in the best possible manner with our expertise and range of products.