Video Telephony

Nowadays, one can find ample application of Video Telephony in the healthcare, education and news media sector. In corporate sectors, it is used to facilitate video conferencing which reduces considerably the cost of managers to travel to a distant place where the meeting has been scheduled. However, it is more than that can offer real time communication between two individuals in an easy manner irrespective of the geographical distance. The video gets displayed either on the screen of the personal computer of the end users or on the screen of a video-enable phone.
Silver Pearl being one of the frontrunner providers of excellent VOIP solutions in the Kuwait region offers commendable video telephony software to its esteemed clientele at the most competitive pricing. We also offer Asterisk, a VOIP solution that supports video telephony and other popular VOIP solutions like A2Biling, Voice Logger, Video Broadcasting, etc.

Application of Video Telephony

Video telephony is not just limited to serve video conferencing in a typical business environment and now thanks to video telephony freeware like ichat, Google + and Skype are available for individuals also who can communicate with another person sitting at a faraway place from his or her desktop computer or laptop at an extremely low cost. It is also finding a wide application in telemarketing of products.

Know Features of Video Telephony Software

Some of the bright features of our video telephony software or we can say video telephony program are including but not limited to the following ones.
  • Call forwarding – Remarkably reduces the time lapse in traditional call forwarding
  • Video-Conferencing – Enables businessmen to collaborate and interact from any geographical location in a group
  • Caller ID Blocking – No need to panic about unfolding your number to a complete stranger or if not desirable
  • Anonymous call Rejection – Saves time and frustration of the call receiver
  • Call Restriction – Help to manage the list in a customized way by restricting undesirable callers
  • Last call Redial – Enables a user to easily return the call in case missed due to some reason
  • Do Not Disturb – Enables a user to completely focus on a work at a given period of time
Apart from the above mentioned features, some others are Call-Transfer, Music on Hold, Call Detailed Record (CDR), Video on demand and many more to say. If you want to avail our software in respect to video telephony, you can very well go for our video telephony downloads.