Time Attendance

In a typical work environment, sometimes it feels a necessity to keep a tab on the employees arrival and departure time from office so that it can be known who is devoting the least and who is devoting the right amount of time for work as desired by the company or organization. A register is not enough in this hi-tech world and so time attendance system has now become a favorite of most businesses across the world.
Silver Pearl based in Kuwait has a range of products to offer business solutions and time attendance machine is one among them. We offer sophisticated attendance machine to cater to a wide range of businesses. We offer both fingerprint attendance machine as well as thumb impression attendance machine at reasonable pricing as per the industry standards as we know that popularity of biometric attendance machine is now an all time high!

Application of Time Attendance Software System

Employee Attendance Software as it knows by the name find its application for a number of reasons which are including but not limited to the following ones.
  • Tracking of the employees can be done accurately on every day basis
  • Employees can get ensured that overtime work will fetch extra pay
  • Offers real time visibility which deters late comers to cover up their lateness
  • A fair regulation that keeps employees motivated to reach office on time
  • Boost in work production as everybody will reach on time and complete the work in a scheduled time frame
  • No need of handwritten timesheets that can be highly inaccurate and difficult to maintain
It is a well known fact that time is money and to know accurately time in as well as time out of your employees can help you to stop any possibility of time theft. Our attendance system is manufactured keeping in mind the latest needs of employers and ensure increased reliability, accuracy and efficient time tracking like never before. We guarantee that our employee attendance machine is the best that you can find anywhere else at such competitive rate.
Have a strong company culture where your employees can feel enthusiastic to report at work in a timely manner as there will be no room left for any inaccuracy. This also leads to better workforce management. Apart from employee attendance system, we also offer other products that can be of great benefit in a business or office environment like IP phone, CCTV camera, etc.