Soft Switch

Seamless communication is the primary necessary of every business and softswitch is an ideal solution as it is a device that connects telephone calls of one telephone line to another by making use of servers. With VOIP technology now gaining more significance, VOIP softswitch software is now getting much popular in a typical business environment. While most people advocate for IP PBX, more users can use VOIP Softswitch at a single time. Silver Pearl located in Kuwait is one of the most reputed companies engage into providing valuable Softswitch solutions for VOIP.
Our Clarent softswitch, ControlSwitch System and PortaSwitch VoIP Softswitch are in fact counted among the top VOIP softswitch software in the industry by our esteemed clients. Our VOIP softswitch program are the best VOIP solutions that you can have to leverage your business to a great extranet by cutting the cost that went on calling over long distance. The VOIP softswitch price of ours is also kept modest so that medium sized businesses can also avail the most benefit of our softswitch software.

Features of VOIP softswitch software

Here are some of the endearing features of VOIP softswitch software and some of these are the following ones.
  • Flexible routing
  • Real time monitoring
  • Sales reporting
  • Management of bills
  • Call processing
  • Voicemail
  • Limit of balance and credits
  • Call Forwarding
  • Highly functional firewall
  • Controls for password security

Know the benefits of Softswitch software

The software offers various benefits among which the foremost is the kind of scalability to handle more clients whenever it becomes necessary. No need of any specific hardware to operate the software. Moreover, the software is independent of platform which makes it apt to perform in any server environment. The best part of the software is that the two main functions of a traditional telecom switch i.e. control and media are here separated and this helps to achieve a smooth communication flow.
Go for Hosted SoftSwitch developed by our team of developers to get customized VOIP solutions as per your business objective. Our other services include a vast range of VOIP solutions like Asterisk, Kamailio, Voice Logger, Video Telephony, Free-PBX, A2Billing, etc. To get a quick quote for our VOIP services or products, just give us a call at 99999999. We are always committed to give you the most cost effective VOIP solution to enhance your communication experience.