IVR System

If you are looking forward for a solution to handle the high volume of calls in your business, it is time to avail the VOIP IVR system. Such a system combines the brilliance of VOIP technology with that of IVR. IVR on the other hand is an abbreviation for Interactive Voice Response and is very popular in BPO, Retail, Hospitality and many more sectors because of the ease it offer in communicating with telephone callers or their customers at an affordable cost – automates interaction with telephone callers.
Silver Pearl as a reputed provider of VOIP solutions in Kuwait offers a range of VOIP IVR Systems and helps its clientele to get customized solutions pertaining to the same.

Benefits of IVR VOIP Software

We offer IVR VOIP software that can help your business immensely by the following ways discussed below in brief.
  • It becomes easier to navigate the menus of a phone system that yields in a better caller experience.
  • Enables your callers to get their needful information in a matter of few seconds without any need of an agent.
  • Can direct the caller to a live agent if the caller is asking for something more than standard enquiries.
  • Can work round the clock even in your physical absence which enables your customers to get a 24×7 support
  • Does not require any additional hardware other than your computer to get install and start operation which reduces the set up cost to a great extent.
  • Can well integrate into your website or your database and this is indeed a great benefit for your business.
Apart from these, such software comprises of many good features that can help to boost your business in innumerable ways. Our IVR system cost is low and you can also avail from us other popular VOIP solutions like Asterisk, Voice Logger, Wireless, FreePBX and other services at the most competitive pricings. Since, now most of the IVR phone calls software supports SIP technology i.e. Session Initiation Protocol, we also offer IVR sip phone software to empower your business.
We have a competent team of telecom industry experts as well as creative programmers who are committed to bring the best IVR system tailor made to your business needs. To know more about our products and services, feel free to drop a mail at burhan@silver-pearl.com. We are always looking forward to help you with all sincerity and enthusiasm.