Grandstream IP Phone

Are looking for a reliable phone system for your business? IP Phone also known as VOIP phone has emerged as the most sought after telephone because IP Telephone enables transmission of telephone calls via internet instead of the traditional phone lines.
Silver Pearl as a reputed VOIP solution provider in the Kuwait region is also one of the most reputed IP Telephone Exporters and has acknowledged the potential of a VOIP Phone in smoothing the communication flow in a business environment – especially small sized businesses where any investment in any new technology is done after giving it really a long thought due to budget constraints.
We are also one of the best  Grandstream Small-Medium Business HD IP Desk Phone Manufacturers as well as suppliers. We pay a lot of attention in maintaining quality of our manufactured IP telephones in a consistent manner. This is done by rigorous checking at our manufacturing units by our trained and skilled professionals. As one of the premium IP Telephone Suppliers, we are committed to bring the most affordable business solutions as we cater to both big and small sized businesses over a large geographical region.

Why we advocate IP telephone?

It is not that we are working tirelessly as IP phone dealers just for the sake of making big money by selling our manufactured IP telephones. We advocate strongly for the same because of the advantages it offered which can be summarized as below.
  • Enables transmission of data across a wider area at an affordable cost
  • Helps businesses to integrate their communication in a seamless manner
  • Easy establishment of data connection between any two locations
  • Cost of long distance calls gets eliminated altogether which means saving
  • Calls can be made with a single click on mouse, a respite from dialing numbers
  • Increased customer satisfaction and easy to manage
Today, VOIP Phones can be seen in call centers as well as in a typical business environment and as a reputed VOIP Phone Manufacturers, we can vouch for the reliability and affordability of the same for our clients. So, if you are really keen to have VOIP or IP telephone system, just contact the leading most VOIP Telephone Suppliers i.e. Silver Pearl as soon as possible.
After all, we have not gained the reputation of VOIP Telephone Exporters easily. We are keen to serve you with our range of products and services which include Click2call, Softswitch, Call Center Dialer and many more which can prove beneficial for you in the long run.