It is convenient for an enterprise to have a PBX system to have seamless communication between its employees within the office or organization premises and an IP-PBX is such a private telephone switching system using IP routing. This enables the calls to switch between users who are on local lines and are using VOIP.
Silver Pearl being a reputed IP PBX-VOIP Provider in the Kuwait region is well versed with the benefits of different ip-pbx voip solutions and serves its clients immaculately. With a state-of-the-art infrastructure at our end and an experienced team of professionals, we are committed to deliver the best solutions for facilitating a smooth communication flow.

Why to go for our IP-PBX system?

There are numerous reasons because of which our esteemed clients have shown trust on us by availing our services and products. Our ip-pbx system is extremely efficient to cater to your increased communication needs and some of the reasons for which it makes a sense to choose our ip-pbx system are including but not limited to the following ones.
  • Make use of your existing LAN network
  • Ensure low operation cost i.e. money saving
  • Hassle-free installation and configuration
  • Are user-friendly i.e. simple to manage
  • Can integrate with your CRM packages
  • Offers unmatched scalability
  • Enable remote extension dialing from home
  • Offers more than traditional phone system
Apart from the all these above, the obvious benefits are its advanced features like call queues, email notifications, automatic attendants, voice mail system and many more to say here. So, if you are really looking out for a PBX system, just go for our ip-pbx server as this could be the smartest move to get a good return on your investment in future by saving a lot on calling cost and setting up an infrastructure.
We offer IP-PBX based on Asterisk which is an open sourced VOIP solution as we acknowledge that VOIP is the future trend and makes a smart business sense. Our other notable VOIP related services and products are Kamailio, Asterisk, Voice Logger, Vicidial, A2Billing, Voice Broadcasting, Live Chat , IVR system and many more so that you can get any of your VOIP solution under a single roof as per your own choice.
Lastly, to get a quote of our services or to explore more about IP-PBX system, you can give us a call anytime.