Call Center Dialer

In a typical call centre, telephone calls are made in a huge volume to communicate with a large number of people and these calls can be inbound or outbound. Consequently, getting the right automatic dialer services makes a great sense and Silver Pearl based in Kuwait is one such VOIP solution provider that understands the significance of autodialer software in such a business environment. We are committed to provides excellent VOIP solutions to our esteemed clients with a promise of affordability and reliability. Our auto dialer software is the perfect calling solution for your call centers.

What are autodialers?

Known also as automated phone dialer, these are actually electronic devices or software that can dial a telephone number automatically and when the call gets answered, plays an automated message or connect the call to a call centre personnel. This minimizes the time to dial each number manually and in case the call is not answered, time of call centre employees does not get wasted a bit. Now most of the call centers around the world use a predictive dialer system that is more advanced and ensures maximum efficiency.

Why to get Silver Pearl hosted predictive dialer solutions?

Well, our auto dialers are smart and offer the following benefits to your organization that makes it quite desirable. Some of the benefits are including but not limited to the following ones.
  • No call wastage – Our hosted call center dialers eradicate the possibility of any call wastage due to uninterested parties, busy numbers or disconnected lines as it makes sure that agents are always at the right time with your customers.
  • Easier management of leads/ – Our predictive phone dialers have integrated software for lead management which results in managing sales information, history of your customers and list of all calls to make efficiently.
  • Boost productivity – As time consumed will be less on managing leads and waiting for the customers to pick their calls, employees can have time to focus on improving their interaction skills and also decrease their idle time to a considerable extent at work.
With all the above benefits, it is needless to figure out that sales figures get increased and hence, certainly going for our call center dialer can be the best move you can make to get an ultimate satisfaction. We are also into the business of serving our clients with popular VOIP solutions like Asterisk, Voice Logger, Click to Call, Video Telephony and many others to say.