Asterisk Solution

Asterisk is an open sourced PBX that works wonder if the desire is for a really exceptional VOIP solution that too without investing anything in any kind of additional hardware. Silver Pearl located in Kuwait acknowledges the vast potential of asterisk business solutions and is currently one of the best providers of asterisk services for its esteemed clients, both small and large enterprises at the most affordable pricings. We have a team of dedicated asterisk developers who are competent in creating advanced solutions for improved communication in an effortless manner.

A Glance at our Asterisk Services

As different clients have different needs, our range of asterisk services is including but not limited to the following ones.
  • Custom Asterisk Development – Although, asterisk comes with most striking features like automatic attendant, voicemail, call monitoring, etc., enterprises feel the need to customize the same and our developers offer you the most comprehensive asterisk customization as per the individual needs.
  • Asterisk Installation – We offer impeccable asterisk installation on Windows, Linux, MacOSX and even on Ubuntu server.
  • Asterisk Configuration – We offer configuration of voicemail, ZAP channels, ACD, as well as configuration of features like follow me, find me, meet me, etc.
  • Dialplan Programming – A dialplan is the one that defines the way asterisk handles calls like inbound and outbound. We know context is one of the major concepts of a dialplan and offers asterisk custom context as well as asterisk custom extension like no one.
  • AGI Scripting – Scripting with Asterisk Gateway Interface demands skilled programming in PHP, Pearl, Python etc. as per the requirement and our AGI scripting is just flawless.

Advantages of Asterisk Development

As a solution provider of nearly all types of VOIP solutions, we indeed know the advantages of asterisk over a proprietary phone system which are mentioned below.
  • Lesser operational cost
  • Easy to configure
  • Simple in installation
  • User-friendly i.e. manageable
  • Easy to move
  • Allow remote extension
  • Unified messaging
Hence, if you are specifically looking for some great asterisk services, do call us at (+965) 94069744 today! Be it getting an excellent desktop application asterisk for your use at home or be it offering you asterisk custom sounds, or just turning your simple computer system into a powerful asterisk server, we do all with certain panache. Apart from all, these we also serve our clients with our dedicated asterisk support services at a very reasonable cost.