Effective communication is the fundamental need of every business and our Hosted A2Billing exactly offers the same at an affordable pricing because it is not only open sourced software, but also has some great features to meet the telecom requirements of your business in an amicable manner. Silver Pearl is one of the most recognized VOIP solution providers in the Kuwait region and offers impeccable A2Billing services that can prove crucial in propelling your business at large.

Know the features of A2Billing

Some of the brilliant A2Billing features that have drawn users from all over the world to choose this particular VOIP solution are including but not limited to the following ones.
  • Offers VOIP solution to both pre-paid and post paid customers
  • Offers auto-refill, adding customers, customer grouping
  • Do manipulation and delivery of caller ID
  • Daily call statistics at a glance and daily reports on traffic, profit and loss
  • Manage passwords, DID, manual payments, etc.
  • Allows delivery of mass mail and multi-language support
  • Platform for excellent calling cards on asterisk

Know the benefits of A2Billing

Silver Pearl believes that before investing for a new VOIP solution, it is best to know about the benefits it offer and hence, some of its benefits are given below in brief.
  • Ability to work as a Call-back service
  • Can function perfectly as a calling card service
  • Can be used for reporting traffic
  • Can serve as a rating engine
  • Can do billing invoicing as well as payments
  • Is an excellent customer portal
Since, calling card services are very popular throughout the world among business of mostly medium size and A2Billing offers a superb calling platform to be deployed on Asterisk, another popular VOIP solution, A2Billing Calling Card are the most sought after in the industry.
Our A2Billing services include A2Billing installation, A2Billing configuration, A2Billing integration and A2Billing support. Hire A2Billing Specialists from us to leverage your business in a positive way and stay ahead in the competition with others. We as a premium VOIP solution provider are not just limited to A2Billing Software as our other solutions are Live Chat, Click to Call, Video Telephony, Asterisk, Kamailio and many to say to suit the diverse needs of our widespread clientele in the Kuwait region. Contact us by dropping us a mail today and get the most popular VOIP solution at an economical pricing.